Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Please pray for my Grandfather

I would like to ask you to pray for my grandfather. He is currently having some complications with scar tissue due to his radiation for his prostate cancer. He has been in and out of the emergency room since Saturday night. My dad just called to say that he had some problems again last night, so they just admitted him to the hospital. He will be having surgery tomorrow (Jan 24) at 7:30 am to remove the scar tissue. He doesn't like hospitals, doctors, or people fussing over him, so please pray for peace in this situation as well as for my grandmother who has been taking care of him, she is exhausted. Thanks.

Paw-paw and Maw-maw here for a visit when Perryn was born.
Teagan and Paw-paw.

Playing chase with Perryn and Teagan on Saturday the 19th.

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The Mays Family said...

Hey How is your grandfather today? Praying for y'all.

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