Thursday, January 17, 2008

Missing Friends

So, we are finally getting into the swing of things here in Round Rock. I found out today that we do NOT live within the city limits, so I had to spend $25 on a library card and we can only check out the 5 items we got today until Feb 17th!! Hmmm....still thinking and pondering this.

Anyways, Perryn is missing all of her friends terribly and would like everyone of them to move to Round Rock with her. Right now she is really missing Audrey. We have sent her a letter with pictures that Perryn made and in fact, we have found a new set of pictures we need to send. I think Perryn would really like Audrey to be a pen-pal.

So, we had to run errands after story time, one included a trip to Whole Foods. We got a small bag of items which Perryn was such a great helper and carried to the car. When we got the car Perryn informed me that she had named the small paper bag carrying our goods, 'Audrey'. She began talking to 'Audrey' and in fact, was feeding her and having me talk back to her as well.

Now, I know that it is perfectly normal for small children to pretend, to have 'imaginary friends' and so on, but I am laughing a bit that she has named a paper bag. She wouldn't even 'transfer' 'Audrey' to one of the new toys (a teddy bear) that she got from McDonald's. She did however, in form me that the bear's name is 'Lauren' and she is 'Audrey's' mom. I am trying to not laugh too hard. I think the paper bag, 'Audrey', will be carrying the bear, 'Lauren' around.

I will keep you posted on how all of this turns out!!

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Them Chandlers said...

So funny!! I just now read this! :) Perryn's so sweet. I sure hope she makes lots of friends down there (I know she will...she's so bubbly...who can resist her smile and curls?)

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