Tuesday, January 29, 2008

So who wouldn't want a blue mouth?

So we went to Celebrate Recovery last meeting last night only to find out this particular CR is so new and small they don't have childcare. So, we went for an adventure looking for ice cream. We found some at the mall, which isn't the best one that I have been to, but we did find some good old Blue Bell ice cream. Before you see the picture of Perryn eating her ice cream, I thought I would let you see Teagan first.

So in this picture we are trying to get a hair cut; however, he is not that big on scissors, clippers, and strangers messing with his head. If you remember, he really enjoyed Megg cutting his hair, and I think that is because she was also our babysitter. We gave him a blue lollipop to help him pass the time which he enjoyed immensely. He had blue running down his chin within minutes of starting to suck on that lollipop. By the end of the haircut, he had hair bits stuck to his chin like he was growing a beard at 20 months. hee..heeSo, back to the CR story. When we had to leave, Perryn was a bit upset because she was looking forward to meeting new friends and getting to play in 'class'. We decided we could set out for an adventure and go find an ice cream shop, McD's would not do. We ended up at the mall and the whole way there she was telling me she wanted to have strawberry ice cream. When we got to the ice cream counter, she found the Krazy Kolors ice cream and here is what she looked like at the end....

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thosetonnes said...

oh those pictures are so precious. Sorry about no childcare. Hopefully that will be resolved soon. Like the new background

The Mays Family said...

Perryn you are so cute! I hope that they start childcare soon for CR. Could your parents watch the kids when you have CR?
You sound like you are all doing well.

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