Friday, February 4, 2011

On this day 7 years ago

On Feb 4, 2004 I went to work and then went to see Dr. AWESOME OB.  He wanted a biophysical profile of Perryn to see some development stages.  They were measuring the placenta, the fluid level, her size, her head, and her breathing...or the act of.  Well, Edie pushed and pushed on my stomach, but this stubborn girl would not 'breathe', so off to the hospital we went.  They hooked me up to the monitors, fed me some supper, and tried the biophysical profile again.  She failed, again.  Dr. Valenti came in and said he was going to do it because my strips were 'too perfect', but he couldn't even get Perryn to breathe.

He had one more 'trick' up his sleeve to try to get her to breathe, otherwise, we were having a baby that day (which Gabe and I secretly were hoping Perryn would fail the test, so we could meet her sooner), but the black vibrating device he put on my lower stomach did the trick....evidently my girl was loving her sleep then like she does now!!  That vibrating device woke her up and she started 'breathing', so we were sent home to 'wait' for labor to start...This day was the beginning of 5 very long days of wasn't too intense...yet.

Her shirt says "Are you sure these are my relatives."
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