Monday, February 7, 2011

Recap Continued

So, I didn't update how Miss Perryn made it into the world the last two days because well frankly they were uneventful days.  On Feb 5 and 6, 2004, we would wake up and get our day started.  Our birthing class swore up and down that walking helped labor...ummm...not for me...I would start having some contractions, so we would go walk the mall only for them to stop completely!!

However, on this day, Feb 7, 2004, I woke up and had some serious contractions...or so I thought.  We even called my friend Kecia to come over.  Gabe had the car running, I was laboring, he called the dr, but the midwife said I was in early labor, and not to come in just guess what I did...I walked...I paced the apartment, praying and hoping that it would help my labor along and we would get to meet our sweet girl on this day...but God had other plans for us.

Tomorrow, was very exciting day for us as we got ready to meet our sweet girl!!  Until then....

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